Does anyone have a recipe for Burmese shan noodles?

I just got back from Myanmar and am already missing the amazing, sticky, spicy, somewhat oily dish called shan noodles. I found a recipe or two online but they don't look anything like what I had overseas. Even the shan noodles at famed Burma Superstar in San Francisco doesn't look right. Does anyone know how to make these delicious noodles?!

Sydney Larson


Lindsay-Jean H. April 6, 2015
Hi Sydney, Naomi Duguid wrote in and shared this response:

"If you are talking about the delicious pork-sauced noodles that are available especially in the mornings in the Shan towns like Hsipaw and Nyaungshwe, then there's a recipe for them in my book BURMA: Rivers of Flavor. It's called "Shan Village Khaut Swe" and is on page 266.

You may instead be referring to the noodles that Mandalay is known for, with chicken in the sauce. And again there's a recipe in the Burma book, called Mandalay Noodles with Chicken Curry, at page 270..

So glad to know that you had a good trip to Burma. The food there is so interesting and delish."
Sydney L. April 6, 2015
Thanks Lindsay! Both of those recipes look delicious and I will definitely try them, though they look more complex than what I ate in Yangon. What I ate was referred to simply as "sticky Shan noodles." They were quite sticky, a little spicy, and a bit oily. With little bits of chicken but not much. I think there were perhaps tomatoes in the sauce. I will keep hunting!
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