dried cranberries sans sugar

Any ideas where I can find dried cranberries without added sugar (and maybe even oil)? I have looked at the Whole Foods near me and they offer cranberries sweetened with apple juice or sugar. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)

Emily Love


Kat April 8, 2015
Honestly Cranberry (Wisconsin Rapids, WI). Cranberry grower is now producing. Just got a sample - really the best we have tasted (and we have tried lots!). Not sure about retail, etc. https://plus.google.com/104803518192979229874/posts
Can find the contact info at this link. Would just call her and ask. May your search be "fruitful". Best wishes
Emily L. April 8, 2015
sounds awesome, thanks so much! will definitely be calling her
Lindsay-Jean H. April 8, 2015
Here's one online option that might work for you: http://www.shorelinefruit.com/cart/14/unsweetened-dried-fruit/dried-unsweetened-cranberries---1-lb
Emily L. April 8, 2015
thank you!!
C April 7, 2015
A natural food store might have them as well
Emily L. April 8, 2015
sadly we don't have too many natural food stores in Baton Rouge, LA...may have to make a trip to New Orleans (what a good excuse!)
Nancy April 7, 2015
Nuts.com has some without sugar or juice added
Emily L. April 8, 2015
thank you! after quick perusing I couldn't seem to find them, the sugar gods are after me
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