Can i use my Bob's Red Mill grits for the cornmeal ? they are the regular type not the quick cooking.

  • Posted by: jlavoie
  • April 10, 2015
Cornmeal-Cherry Scones
Recipe question for: Cornmeal-Cherry Scones


LE B. April 12, 2015
p.s. make sure to store grits and cornmeal in the frig or freezer because they easily go rancid at room temp.
LE B. April 12, 2015
steph is right. grits as is -are too coarse. process them a bit til they are finer, like sand.

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Stephanie April 10, 2015
While I haven't made this particular recipe, from my experience cooking with both grits and cornmeal, I would suggest that you might want to pulse your grits a few times in a food processor if they seem like they might be too coarse. The recipe calls for a medium grind and grits are typically coarse-ground cornmeal. ( Otherwise, you should be able to swap them out!
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