I'd like to make these rolls, but don't have potato flour. I do have potato flakes. I am sure I can substitute, but should I adjust the amount? Should I try to grind up the flakes a bit? Help!
http://www.food52.com/recipes... Thanks so much. ;o)



KarenLyons January 1, 2011
I have just substituted flakes for flour and didn't grind them up. They absorb liquid, so you might have to adjust the liquid a bit, but flakes work!
Soozll December 31, 2010
Whoops! That should be 1/2 cup flakes! ;P
Soozll December 31, 2010
If the potato flour is half the amount of the flakes, why not disolve the 2 tbsp of the flakes in the water, heated to hot, then let the mixture cool until it's the right temp for the yeast.
hardlikearmour December 31, 2010
1 cup whole potato flakes = 1/2 cup potato flour. If you grind it as mrslarkin suggested, you should be able to substitute the powder 1:1. http://www.floradawn.com/cooking/2010/06/16/potato-flour-substitute/
mrslarkin December 31, 2010
I would try whizzing the flakes in a clean coffee grinder. Or using a mortar and pestle to finely grind the flakes. Good luck, AJ!
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