Broad cheese

My director's ESL textbook says that cheeses can be described as broad. It doesn't give any explanation. Any idea what that means in terms of cheese? Is it referring to shape? Flavor?



Maedl April 14, 2015
No, I have never heard 'broad' applied to cheese as a descriptive term. Can you provide the text in which that appears? Could it be a typographical error?
Rachelwrites April 14, 2015
I am thinking it is just nonsense. The emphasis was on the grammar in the question but it piqued her interest about describing cheese. I believe the completed sentence read "Broad and hard are words used to describe various kinds of cheese".

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Maedl April 14, 2015
I think that is a huge typo and it should have been "soft and hard"--"soft" referring to cheeses like chevre or ricotta, or even brie.
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