Can you substittue greek yogurt for the sour cream/cottage cheese in a kugel.

Wanted to make vegetable kugel using steamed red cabbage, chard, beets and w/w broad noodles. eggs and greek yogurt? would that work? and what spices might someone recommend.

  • Posted by: sheredel
  • September 27, 2011


wssmom September 27, 2011
Sheredel, that sounds delicious! Like drbabs, I substitute greek yogurt for sour cream all the time.
ChefJune September 27, 2011
Yes, it's an excellent sub.
drbabs September 27, 2011
yes--sounds great. (I substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream all the time. It works really well.) I think I'd like a za'atar blend with that combination to add some zing and spice: sesame seeds, thyme, sumac, salt and aleppo pepper. (basically thyme and sesame with peppery and sour notes as well, if you don't have those spices.)
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