Help! "Eat Like an Intern" contest at work.

My wife's work is having a food contest (and I'm the cook in the house, so of course I get to make this dish).
These are the instructions: "Eat like an intern"
The entire dish has to cost no more than $10to make. I can prorate staples.

This is definitely not my forte. Anyone have any delicious ideas?

  • Posted by: nashama
  • April 15, 2015


Summer O. April 23, 2015
The Colcannon recipe on this site is a good one. Red beans and rice (I make it without sausage sometimes)’s-red-beans-rice/
AntoniaJames April 22, 2015
I calculated the cost of this, which I made last night with soba, napa cabbage and tofu that were all purchased at our Korean supermarket, at less than $4 for the two of us, with leftovers: (I also added one carrot and about 1 1/2 cup of broccoli florets.) A satisfying dinner following a vigorous hike on a cool evening. ;o)
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
What's interesting about this is that it's been years since I had an income like an intern, but I rarely spend more than $10 for the two of us for our entire dinner - and we eat really well. (That's not counting Mr T's beer or wine.) ;o)
ktr April 18, 2015
I was thinking the same thing (although it's only been a few years since I was a resident)!
inpatskitchen April 18, 2015
I'm wondering if the meal has to be for more than 2 people?
nashama April 18, 2015
It did have to be for more than two people - it was a potluck style competition. I decided to go with the dessert I began making when I was an intern: Palmiers with vanilla whipped cream and Kahlua sauce. Just found out I came in second. Maybe next time! Thanks everyone for your help and ideas!
Healthline April 15, 2015
Anything that's quick and easy to make, like this veggie quesadilla:
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 15, 2015
Have you read today My Broke Kitchen's column?
inpatskitchen April 15, 2015
Here's the link to Your Best Cheap Feast Contest. Lots of ideas!
nashama April 15, 2015
Thanks! I hadn't seen this one.
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