new cast iron griddle pan

Just bought a Lodge. The sticker doesn't indicate whether or not the pan is pre-seasoned, it only gives cleaning instructions. What should I do before first use? Thx.

  • Posted by: barb48
  • April 18, 2015


Laura C. April 20, 2015
Hi Barb, My name is Laura and I work at Lodge. We pre-season all of our cast iron before it leaves the foundry, so your pan is ready to use right out of the box. Seasoning it again is entirely optional -- the more you season it the better it will get. Happy cooking!
Shuna L. April 18, 2015
My guess is that one must clean pan well before seasoning, so that's why they give cleaning instructions. I bought mine "raw" so I could go through the whole process myself. It's a few days of oven baking with clear oil (not olive), but now I have a "nonstick" pan with no mispronounce able chemicals. Have fun!
barb48 April 19, 2015
Nancy April 19, 2015
why not olive oil? Negative properties? Reactions with cast iron?
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 19, 2015
@Nancy, maybe its the smoke point.

Merrill S. April 18, 2015
Even if it is pre-seasoned you'll have better results if you do it yourself, and it can't hurt to re-season it. Worth the extra time up front!
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