Any help for my Le Creuset iron skillets?

After five months away, I came home to find both of my Le Creuset cast iron skillets with some kind of weird residue/burn issues. I'm thinking that maybe the house sitters cooked something acidic in them but I have no way of knowing for sure. Is there any help for them? Thanks for any and all advise!

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Sam1148 May 1, 2015
Cover the spot with about 1/4 inch of hydrogen peroxide. Add a pinch or so of baking powder.

Warm it up--about med low. For about 5 mins. Turn it off..and wait 5 mins...most of the crunchy stuff should lift right off. Repeat as needed. Usually 1 or 2 treatments gets all the lumpy/crusty stuff. What it will not do is get get that 'plasticized burned oil off ...

After you've tried everything and long soaks etc. The Hydrogen peroxide trick pretty much works every time and in just a few mins.
boulangere May 1, 2015
Barkeeper's Friend and a green scrubber pad might help you. And as long as we're exploring science experiments, try scrubbing them with kosher salt and a half lemon.
AntoniaJames May 1, 2015
I have found over the years that the black surface in the Le Creuset skillets seems very different from standard, e.g., Lodge, cast iron. I'd definitely call Le Creuset to get their advice. And let us know what you find out! ;o)
paseo April 30, 2015
Susan W is right - call Le Creuset - used to be in SC. They are really helpful - at least they used to be and it's sure worth a call (looks like you have nothing to lose). Makes you wonder what they did since those pans are really tough.
TiggyBee April 30, 2015
I've scrubbed and scrubbed. There's still an uneven surface and burned residue on one. Should I still re-season or cut my losses? Here's a pic. Thanks again for any advise on this crazy uncooperative cast iron!
Susan W. April 30, 2015
I wouldn't want to give up quite yet. Have you tried taking a metal spatula to see if you can scrape off the raised bits? I know that you can have them sanded down to bare metal, but I don't remember the details on that. Don't laugh, but I vaguely remember an auto body shop being mentioned. the company and speak to a live person. They sure did a number on it.
Susan W. April 30, 2015
I was searching for a blog I had remembered that spoke of using oven cleaner. Here it is. A friend of mine tried it. She did it outside on a covered patio. She said it worked beautifully. Then she seasoned it using Sheryl Canter's method. I use her method and my cast iron is like Teflon.
TiggyBee April 29, 2015
Thanks all! These are cast iron and I'm going to try Susan's
suggestion! Cheers!
Nancy April 29, 2015
search hotline - there's another thread about cleaning a le creuset casserole dish, with lots more ideas and encouragement.
Francesca April 21, 2015
I boiled baking soda & water on my Le Creuset ceramic pot, and it came clean.
Garlic F. April 20, 2015
Scrub them really well with scouring pad to remove all the residue and re-season the skillets. I use these opportunities as an excuse to cook bad-for-me foods (ie. lots of fat/oil) to help season the skillets... :-)
TiggyBee April 29, 2015
Thanks for the advise! Sadly, I think they're done! No amount of scrubbing (I tried with kosher salt) seems to be lifting the residue.
Susan W. April 29, 2015
Don't give up. It may appear it's not coming off, but it will. Use an SOS pad if you have to. You'll be re-seasoning anyway, so just do what you need to do to get back down to the cast iron. I've seen completely rusted out pans come back to life.
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