Just ate a delicious rutabaga risotto at Bondir in Concord Massachusetts. I would love to approach this as a home cooked dish. Any suggestions?

Dear Editors of Food52, Would you be able to explore working with the chef to publish this recipe?



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TobiT April 22, 2015
I've had a lot of luck with just calling or emailing restaurants and asking them to put me in touch with the chef. The chefs I've spoken with have been flattered and have willingly shared their recipes with me. Often it's not very precise (a little of this, a sprinkle of that) but it gets me what I need in terms of figuring out the flavor subtleties and proportions and the cooking techniques.
Meaghan F. April 22, 2015
Bon Appetit publishes reader-requested restaurant recipes every month; maybe write to them too?
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 22, 2015
Or email the editors directly at Food52.
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