Freeze lemon squares

Has anyone frozen lemon squares successfully?

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helicopterina May 4, 2019
One other lemon square longevity question. Could I bake them 3 to 4 days ahead of when I will serve them? Or should they be frozen in between? Thanks in advance!
LeBec F. May 4, 2019
these things have SO MUCH SUGAR in them that they will be just fine,even after months of refrigeration. sugar and lemon are both preservatives
Food O. April 23, 2015
Thank you all!!!
Susan W. April 23, 2015
As said above, they freeze well if you freeze and then wrap. If you use powdered sugar, I would do that after thawing. Sometimes it gets gummy if frozen.
LeBec F. April 23, 2015
they def freeze fine but the stickiness you have to work around. Either cut them all up or cut them in sections (which can be further cut when you want to use them) and freeze them in a single layer on any flat surface. After they are frozen, wrap in saran and put in ziploc bags and keep in freezer (they'll last forever.). They defrost very quickly.
LeBec F. April 23, 2015
p.s. when you want to use them, unwrap them from their saran asap after removing from the freezer (so they don't defrost and stick to the saran.)
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