Can we Add Comments for Shop 52 Items?

I just received these Whimsy and Spice cookies and I am very impressed with the Chocolate Orange Cardamom Shortbread cookies. Might 52 add a Comments area for the items in their Shop?

LeBec Fin


ktr April 26, 2015
I agree. I would appreciate this feature.
Amanda H. April 25, 2015
So glad you like the cookies! We've discussed adding comments to the shop pages but we haven't made a plan to add them yet -- simply because there are other improvements in the works. But it's good to know that you'd like this feature, as it helps us prioritize. Thanks!
LeBec F. April 27, 2015
Yes, excellent product, amanda. And imo, really good cookies are a very rare thing.
If I were to prioritize, one of my top 52 begging objectives would be an 'edit' feature for the Hotline participants.
And i figure you've already thought of this, but 'Comments' in the 52 Shop would likely give a real boost to sales. That's good, right? :-)
I posted about them on Chowhound and someone's gone and ordered a bunch for a Mother's Day party!
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