Can you substitute something for the corn syrup?



LE B. April 27, 2015
A detailed answer for you is here:
Basically, for this recipe, you could sub golden syrup, honey, or molasses--all inhibit crystallization/graininess.

i believe, because of this recipe, that you could use corn syrup or golden syrup, both of which are chemically suited for this peanut butter recipe. But I thought honey maple syrup, sugar- did not have the right chemical makeup for this recipe.
LE B. April 27, 2015
sorry, typo! honey will work. (The bottom paragraph was supposed to be deleted.)
boulangere April 26, 2015
Honey! A one to one sub would be perfect.
Nancy April 26, 2015
or try Golden Syrup, a great British product sometimes available in the baking section of USA/Canada grocery stores.
Assonta W. April 26, 2015
I would try maple syrup~there isn't too much syrup in the recipe. You may have to play around with it. Start out with half amount and go from there since maple syrup is not as thick and apt to create a candy-like consistency easily
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