My boyfriend and I rented a ski condo for a week. Would love suggestions for easy, hearty breakfast and dinner ideas or even something like a menu plan for the week. We plan to shop all at once for the whole week. We are omnivores and try to eat seasonally.

  • Posted by: bhsnyc
  • December 31, 2010


nessafox January 3, 2011
I fully encourage you to try quinoa. It's a complete protein and super healthy for you. You cook it like rice or oatmeal. I make a big batch of it and then reheat portions of it for breakfast when I'm at work. You can add anything to it to make quinoa either sweet or savory. For breakfast, I'll add a bit of applesauce and cinnamon, nuts and dried fruit, honey, etc.
amysarah January 1, 2011
When we used do ski trips, the morning goal was to get to the slopes early - before the crowds descended - short lift lines, no wait for equipment rentals (if necessary), and almost gloriously empty trails.

So quick but tasty breakfasts that pack a pre-ski energy wallop are my suggestion - like steel cut oatmeal, with a selection of toppings - nuts, dried/fresh fruit/honey/maple syrup/brown sugar, etc.) I'd also bring a big bag of homemade granola, to have with sliced bananas and milk....with either cereal, add a soft/medium boiled egg, greek yogurt or even sliced ham/cheese with toast, to boost the protein. Good, tasty sustenance to get you through a morning of skiing - and only takes a few minutes of prep. time.

Now, dinner afterwards is a different story - cooking a leisurely meal, glass of wine in hand - is a great post-ski ritual. The only place I've ever actually made cheese fondue was on ski trips. Fun retro stuff, and you can pretend you're Claudine Longet in Val d'Isere. (And boy, did I just date myself ;-)
Homemadecornbread January 1, 2011
My suggestion isn't nearly as elegant as the ones above, but you could cook up a big pot of steel cut oats and keep them in the fridge, then just heat up what you want for breakfast each morning. This works very well. You could season each day's oats differently, including the savory combination of peanut butter & sriracha, or something like this recipe
testkitchenette December 31, 2010
If you roast salmon simply you can use the leftovers (in lieu of smoked salmon) on bagels or rye/pumpernickel or any toasted bread you like atop cream cheese, tomatoes, and red onion.
RobertaJ December 31, 2010
Breakfast burritos are a great way to use up leftovers as well. Baked or boild potatoes that don't get eaten for dinner can be pan-fried (think home fries) the next morning, and wrapped in big flour tortillas with eggs, cheese, and meat of your choice (if you cook a ham, that's great !). Some salsa, wrap and you're golden. You could even use leftover steak or shredded cooked chicken, instead of the more traditional breakfast meats like sausage or bacon. Some refried beans on the side, and you're fueled for a day on the slopes
nutcakes December 31, 2010
If you made a little roast beef one night, you could make hash in the morning. Serve the beef with roasted veggie mix (potato, sweet potato, onion wedge, optional, cauliflower, turnip, fennel all tossed in olive oil with S&P) That would give you the fixings for hash that would last a couple of days with eggs for breakfast or another supper.

From this site, here was a very tasty recipe for eggs (I used purchased andouille sausage)

and potatoes

If you bought some nice salmon you could roast it the first or 2nd night. Leftovers could be salmon cakes or salmon hash, someone has put a salmon hash here on food52 but I haven't tried it.
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