Adding lemon curd to homemade yogurt

I have been making yogurt for my kids and adding lemon curd after it is done. They are requesting lemon yogurt with the curd on the bottom (like I make the yogurt with jam). Has anyone tried adding curd before culturing the yogurt? Does it work?

Couldn't Be Parve


Couldn't B. April 28, 2015
Thanks everyone for your answers. I think I will just make the yogurt plain and then add the curd on top.
LeBec F. April 28, 2015
sometimes food companies will give you information that you might not think they would. I agree w/ your decided method for now, but it would be so interesting to hear what 'customer service' would say if you asked some of the major yoghurt companies 'at what point do they add the yoghurt culture on top of the fruit puree?'
Mei C. April 28, 2015
I would not add in curd before culturing your yogurt. Like Nicole Otis said, you want to control the acidity of your yogurt during the culturing process--also the amount of sugar. If you want to mix it in, I would recommend stirring it all together once your yogurt is cold.
Nicole O. April 28, 2015
I've had some issues with adding fruit/sugar to yogurt before it's done processing. I think that it has to do with acid content and the curd formation. Now, I always add things afterward.
nutcakes April 28, 2015
I can't answer your question but just ask a dumb one back. Why not make regular yogurt, spoon some curd in the bottom of a container and plop the yogurt on top?
Couldn't B. April 28, 2015
I find that if I transfer the yogurt once it is cooked the texture isn't as good as if I leave it in the original container, so I like to leave it in the individual jars I make it in.
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