Is that a dried ancho chili?

  • Posted by: Vicki
  • April 28, 2015
A Trio Of Citrus Salts
Recipe question for: A Trio Of Citrus Salts


Stephanie April 29, 2015
As someone who isn't a big fan of grinding dried chiles at home, a quick online search yields a general consensus that 1 average Ancho chile is equal to about 1 heaping tablespoon of Ancho chile powder. I'd probably suggest that you start with a little less, make the recipe, then add to taste. Go for it!
Vicki April 29, 2015
Thanks Stephanie - just the info I needed. It's a plan :-)
aargersi April 28, 2015
Vicki April 28, 2015
Thanks for your replies. Could one sub with ground Ancho chile powder?
PazzoNico April 28, 2015
Ancho is always dry, fresh would be poblano.

So, YUP!
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