How much dried ancho chili powder is equal to 2 dried ancho chlies

I'm making a slow cooker dish (Chicken Mole Tacos) and it uses 2 dried ancho chilies. I have ancho chili powder. How much powder would be equal to 2 dried ancho chiles?



702551 January 11, 2021
Like all powdered spices, chili powder is often made with scraps and cuttings of the actual item. All powdered spices -- not just chilis -- lose their potency more quickly than the whole item. Worse, there's no way to tell when the spice powder sitting on the store shelf was actually processed.

Fresh dried whole chilis are actually pliable and not devoid of moisture (which is typically the case with chili powder).

If you replace with powder you should taste the mixture before the long cook.

For me, I would use the whole chilis and toast them right before use which adds an incomparable depth of aroma/flavor that cannot be matched by a grocery store powder.
Nancy January 12, 2021
702551 - You're right.
But there's an ambiguity in your answer.
Chili powder, as sold in most grocery stores, is a blend of ground cumin and other spices.
Ground ancho (or whatever chile) powder is a single dried chile ground into powder.
Lorie November 5, 2022
geez...just answer the question...whoever they are that want's to know probably doesn't feel like going back to the store or the dried chili is not avalable where they are!
Nancy January 10, 2021
One source says average dried ancho chile weighs 17g, which is just over 1 tbsp (15g usually). Theoretically, that woujd be about 2 tbsp ancho Chile powder to replace 2 chilies.
I would start small, with 1 tbsp, in case these measures are generous and/or your powder is strong.
Cook for a while, taste and then add more if needed.
momcat859 January 10, 2021
Thank you so much!
Nancy April 25, 2021
Revision. I've recently been learning more about the ratio of dried to fresh seasonings, and many say 1:3 for dried to fresh.
So to replace two fresh chiles of about 1 tbsp each, I would go even lower than before, and start with 2 tsp dried. Then taste, and add more if you like.
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