how can Iake store bought cookie dough taste better?

My husband bought a tub of monster cookie dough from a school fundraiser. I haven't tried it yet but I've never been a big fan of store bought cookie dough. So, I'm wondering if there is a way to make it taste more like homemade?

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  • May 3, 2015


molly Y. May 4, 2015
sprinkle with maldon salt!

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Windischgirl May 4, 2015
Make them and donate them to the school bake sale. Win-win.
LeBec F. May 4, 2015
when i hear 'store bought cookie dough', i think:
too sweet( waaay more sugar than needed) and one dimensional flavor. I don't know what monster cookies are, but my first thought is to decrease the sweetness by adding espresso powder to taste. Also more of everything except sugar.
I would begin by finding a recipe for a homemade version of that dough. Then let the purchased dough get to room temp; put it in a mixer; add pre-softened butter, espresso powder, flour, salt and leavening, other additions (nuts, dried fruit etc.) Mix the dough for a brief time, so it doesn't get overworked and tough.
ktr May 4, 2015
Monster cookies have chocolate chips, oats, peanut butter and peanut butter chips in them. So they are normally really sweet even when homemade. I'm thinking of baking up one cookie and seeing how bad they are. I'm hoping they might just need some extra vanilla.
Posie (. May 3, 2015
Hm, never tried this. Depending on the type of dough, I'd suggest adding a few tablespoons of softened butter and dark brown sugar to make it taste more homemade -- also perhaps some vanilla extract (most cookies will benefit from extra vanilla anyway). You could also add in some mix-ins: crushed pretzels, cereal like cornflakes or Grape-nuts, shredded coconut, etc. to detract from any "store-bought" taste. Final thought: Make homemade cookie dough ice cream with it!
ktr May 4, 2015
Adding it to ice cream sounds delicious!
ktr May 3, 2015
Oops, that should be make not iake
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