candy lollipops,

Does anyone have a recipe, Birch twig, twin cherry, round like real cherry lollipops,
Last time I had one was in the early 70's in PA, I want to make these, They were so good, Similar look to the twin cherry lollipops but not at all the same in flavor, They were rich deep flavored with a buttery finish? Gosh I hope someone has a great recipe!

  • Posted by: sile
  • May 4, 2015


sile May 13, 2015
I think it was a mom and pop family creation. I never saw them in any other town. Just here in pa. They really were unforgettable. I wish I could bring the past back for a moment. They were just something we looked forward to as small kids then. Once a year confection! Imagine that. 50 years later and I need one!!! Simple concept. Just need the flavor recipe. Deep cherry buttery goodness. Thanks for caring.
Susan W. May 13, 2015
If you Google the town, shop, lollipop, you may find a copycat recipe. Just for fun, I searched for cherry lollipops. Almost every recipe called for cherry jelly and butter. It might be fun for you to try to recreate it.
Susan W. May 13, 2015
Cherry jello..not jelly. :)
Lindsay-Jean H. May 7, 2015
Hi sile, I'm sorry you haven't received an answer to this yet. Can you elaborate on them a little bit more? More information might help to get an answer. So, they look like cherry lollipops, but aren't cherry flavored? Is the birch part of the flavor? I've heard that certain kinds of birch twigs can be used to make wintergreen extract, were they minty at all?
sile May 11, 2015
The birch twig was about 3" long and stuck into a super ball sized cherry buttery candy lollipop. They looked like twin cherries. They were a deep cherry buttery flavor. The birch twig was only used for the stick. Not flavor. No mint at all.
Sold locally around Washington's Birthday in our local town.
They were really great looking and tasting.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 13, 2015
These sound great, I hope this food mystery has a happy ending for you. What's the town? Any chance some of the same stores that sold them are still there and might be able to help?
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