Gift sources for a big mortar & pestle

My nephew, graduating college, loves Tex Mex. Would love to get him a big mortar & pestle for making guacamole and of course he could use it for grinding anything else. The standard six-inch wide bowl is just not big enough. Any thoughts on sources? Thanks.

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • May 17, 2015


Pamela1960 May 19, 2015
Costco is my number one go to place for anything; however, way back when I purchased my mortar and postal we didn't have costco in our area. Now, im there at least twice a week. Great purchase.
PieceOfLayerCake May 18, 2015
I got my big ole molcajete from Costco (for like $15) and I use it for curry blends ALL the time.
Pegeen May 17, 2015
p.s. Knife sale was at W-S. They're not always the best sales but this one was good for the knife I'd choose, available in my time frame. And they had a free shipping promo code at the top of the page.
Pegeen May 17, 2015
Thank you all so much. Great tips. I now see four mortar & pestle sets I want to get.

I got a little turned around while browsing web sites for them, tripped over a sale on good knives, and decided to get him a chef's knife instead. As always, the important adjective is "returnable."

Thanks again for your help - much appreciated!
Pegeen May 17, 2015
correction: not "for them," but "for him"
Pamela731 May 17, 2015
I got mine from William Sonoma. It's great!
Trena H. May 17, 2015
Cook's Illustrated recommended a cast iron mortar & pestle some years ago. I bought the one they recommended and loved it. I used it for all sorts of things including grinding spices. I'm not sure if it meets your size requirements. I just checked and they have several sizes. What a great graduation gift.
Nancy May 17, 2015
Also note, CI recommends one with 3 cups MINIMUM capacity and rough (NOT smooth) interior. These two specifications will give better results and allow uses for various spices, sauces, preparations. If you have laboratory store or commercial grade kitchen store near you or nephew, these are good sources.
Bevi May 20, 2015
Make sure you treat the cast iron mortar & pestle the way you would a cast iron pan, so it won't rust. I love my cast iron M & P
cookbookchick May 17, 2015
I have and love this one:

It sits on my kitchen counter because I use it all the time, from tiny quantities to larger amounts. It's granite. It would certainly work for guacamole, too. I have a traditional molcajete of the same size, but prefer to use the granite.
Pegeen May 17, 2015
Are molcajetes (the lava-stone mortar & pestle typically used to make guac) as good for grinding spices? Or if I want to get him a more multi-pupose gift, should I get him a mortar & pestle made from clay, that he could use for quac as well as other cooking. Thanks.
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