wont the breadcrumbs get soggy?

Stuffed Artichokes
Recipe question for: Stuffed Artichokes


Sherrie C. May 18, 2015
Hi Zach, they breadcrumbs do not get soggy, they get perfectly moist! Like Abbie suggested, you could crisp them under the broiler after they're done cooking. In my opinion they're better without that step, but in the end it's just a preference thing.
Susan W. May 18, 2015
I agree with Abbie. I always steam the artichokes first and then bake or grill them after stuffing. I've even been known to give them a quick broil to crisp them up.
aargersi May 18, 2015
Hey Zach I use a slightly different method - I think with these above I would let them toast uncovered for a bit after they are tender for that very reason. Here are mine:
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