Does jicama oxidize?

I'm using diced jicama in a salad tomorrow. Can I prep ahead by peeling and dicing today or will it turn brown?

Chef Jil


Susan W. May 21, 2015
It doesn't turn brown. Yay! I make a veg snack that you can buy all over the streets of Mexico. Jicama, cucumber, bell pepper, salt and chipotles chili powder and lime juice. The lime juice is not to keep it from turning brown and gets squirted on just as we are about to eat it. I make it and eat it for days. Prep away!! :)
Chef J. May 21, 2015
Thank you Susan!!
Jimmy H. May 21, 2015
No. But it is best to keep it moist. Otherwise the texture gets a little rubbery. Add a little water to the storage container and seal it well.
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