Would it work to prep parts of this recipe in advance and combine later?

I don't think I can find a single block of time to prepare and have it done on time (I'm also a slow cook in a small kitchen). Can I do parts of this in advance, and then combine it all in the pot later? E.g. prep the onions (chop and saute, or maybe chop at one time and saute later) and brown the chicken in the afternoon, then put them in the fridge and combine everything in the pot at night or even the next day?

I usually just cook everything at once and don't have much experience with prepping. I'm wondering whether you can prep any stage of a dish or whether some things are ruined if prepped too far ahead (and how far ahead is "too far"?!).

Here's the link to the recipe: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1twjbV2_AcPwx7UVusoAvxC7l9aPXMTlMY39QrBe-f5s/edit?usp=sharing


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1 Comment

boulangere October 22, 2019
You can definitely prep the recipe in parts ahead of time. The trick is getting them cool before refrigerating. Go ahead and in the pot you're going to use for the final cooking, sauté the onions with pepper and turmeric. When done, spread them out on a large plate or platter to cool while you brown the chicken. It's okay to ignore the instruction to brown it in the oven because "It won't look the brown, but it makes the final product taste better." If you're going to brown chicken, get it BROWN, because the final product will taste amazing. Use the same pot you used for the onions. You'll probably have to add more oil, and likely work in batches, but that's okay. Heat the pot up on medium-high heat. Season the chicken pieces on both sides with salt and pepper (be generous), and brown them on both sides. This will really brown them, and also create a wonderful layer of flavor in the pot. Remove the chicken pieces to a large platter and separate them so they can cool. Let them and the onions sit at room temperature while you go take a shower and get dressed for whatever you need to go do. Before you leave, cover everything loosely with plastic and set them in the refrigerator. When you get home, proceed to make your lovely dinner.
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