. making lassis for a Sunday morning gathering. lemon and cardamom flavors. what food would be good to have with?



catalinalacruz May 31, 2015
I would go with French toast or pancakes, toppestopped ruit and a drizzle of maple syrup. I just made French toast, using a lightly sweetened dried fruit/seed/nut bread. I smothered it with plain yogurt, sliced fresh mango and dusted with cinnamon -- a lassi-like topping -- and it was divine.
catalinalacruz May 31, 2015
Whoops. A major typo there. It should read "topped with fruit". My thumbs are too big for my little tablet. :)
magpiebaker May 29, 2015
Perhaps some small soccas? Lots of protein and flavor, and not too heavy in my opinion. You could serve with some chutneys?
QueenSashy May 29, 2015
Meditation awards you with lightness and clarity, hence you may want to keep the foods on the light side. I think lassi is a great choice. So maybe a nice selection of fruits, or nuts, some crispy and thin biscuits.
Nancy May 29, 2015
depends on the occasion. you could make a brunch from a selection of classic Indian dishes - meat, fish, vegetable or bean curry; rice pilau with fruit vegetable and nuts, side dishes like chutney. Or a buffet of Indian fried foods and breads and sauces. The only thing I can think of in the Indian repertoire that lassi doesn't really go with is (are?) idlis, a kind of breakfast pancake.
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