ginger has tiniest bit of mold...

I was making carrot soup. Everything was cooking in the pot when I stirred some minced ginger into the saute of carrots and onions. After it simmered for a while I went to put the remaining ginger back in the fridge. I noticed a tiny bit of mold on one end. Is it prudent to discard the entire soup?

Stephanie G


boulangere June 20, 2018
You are so kind! Enjoy that ginger.
boulangere June 20, 2018
No. If you didn't notice any mold on what you used in your (lovely) soup, you're fine. Trim off what you did see, and save the rest. A hint: changer can be frozen whole and grated with the skin on right into what you're making.
Stephanie G. June 20, 2018
Thank you!
It's so nice to see you back! I've missed your contributions.
I will definitely keep some in the freezer from now on...seems I don't use it quickly and it's gets forgotten.
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