I'm making a double batch with 8 cups of fresh picked strawberries and 2 cups of finely chopped Kumquats. Can I cut the amount of sugar to a total...

... of 4 cups or will that affect the setting of the jam?. (I've also tossed in the kumquat pips tied up in some cheesecloth to extract the pectin

My Mother's Strawberry Jam
Recipe question for: My Mother's Strawberry Jam


dinner A. June 5, 2015
I like to use calcium-activated (aka low-ester) pectin (Pomona's is the brand I have) when making jam, so I can add sugar just for flavor. I'd really recommend it, if you still have time to pick some up from the store!
I'll have to defer to others with more experience with traditional pectin on whether the mixture you have is sugary enough for that.
Panfusine June 5, 2015
Thanks so much, It actually worked out beautifully, the fruit 'gelled' up beautifully, I'm guessing the citrus pips (from the kumquat and the lemon) really helped.
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