Why are there dark flecks in my matzo roll batter? Are they dangerous at all?

The dark specks were definitely not there when the dough went into the fridge, and I've never seen this before on matzo balls or rolls except when black pepper has been used (it wasn't here).

Due to a situation, I had to let my passover matzo roll 'dough' sit for about 6 hours in the fridge (rather than the required 1 hour) before baking.

Undoubtedly, the egg whites fell somewhat, and the rolls will come out dense, which isn't optimal but will suit those who are happy to have a bread alternative.

Only ingredients are water, oil, salt, sugar, matzo meal & eggs, the latter separated & with beaten whites folded in.

  • Posted by: kwine
  • March 26, 2013


amysarah March 28, 2013
Ah, okay, thanks creamtea. I see that she does refer to rolls, but several answers referred to matzoh balls, so I was confused...and have to admit, I've never had matzoh rolls, that I recall. Interesting.
amysarah March 28, 2013
I agree with creamtea - there are always tiny brown flecks in my matzoh balls. Just the browner parts of the ground matzoh (meal.) Maybe they just show up more as they sit in the fridge, absorbing moisture, exposed to air? But I'm intrigued by something else in your question - you mention baking the matzoh balls. I've always made/seen them simmered in water or broth. Wondering if baking them is a common approach? Seems like it would give them a drier/crusty surface, instead of the soft tender one I usually associate with matzoh balls. Maybe you're not serving them with soup?
creamtea March 28, 2013
amysarah, it sounds like kwine is making Passover rolls...
creamtea March 27, 2013
there are always dark flecks in my matzoh ball batter. They are there in the matzoh meal. Nothing to worry about. Just more noticeable after the dough has rested.
burnindowndahouse March 27, 2013
Do you think it's mold?
susan G. March 28, 2013
It couldn't be possible for mold to form in 6 hours, in the refrigerator, with wholesome ingredients.
Maedl March 26, 2013
Maybe you are seeing the browned bits from the matzo.
kwine March 27, 2013
I didn't see any brown bits before the refrigeration, but they were there after resting in fridge & before baking. Maybe some sort of chemical reaction?

At the very least, seems like they are safe to eat.
Maedl March 26, 2013
As long as you had the matzo ball mix refrigerated, the six hour rest should not cause a problem. I have bo idea what the flecks might be, other than some herb or other seasoning that somehow found its way into the bowl.
kwine March 27, 2013
Thanks so much! Don't think anything found its way into the bowl, however.
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