2 Months of Camp Stove Cooking?

My BIL and SIL are looking at a two-month kitchen renovation and planning on using a camp stove for all of their cooking. Apart from sending them gift certificates for nearby restaurants and a grill basket for vegetables, what could I make now and freeze that would lend itself to being reconstituted on a camp stove?



henandchicks June 7, 2015
Maybe also think in terms of what dorm dwellers make. Will they have a microwave? You could even have a microwave in your bedroom, as dorm kids do, and plenty of nice things can be cooked, frozen and reheated in one. What about a counter top grill, like a George Foreman style, for things like quesodillas? You might consider a gift of an electric kettle, as well, for tea and pour over coffee.
Nancy June 7, 2015
the dorm dweller analogy is clever & will lead to many good ideas. talking of extra appliances, consider a dehydrator, which they can also use afterwards in the new kitchen. If you or they get it before the reno, make lots of good dried foods which can be eaten as snacks, rehydrated and cooked, rehydrated and used in salads or cold dishes.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 7, 2015
Is it warm enough to grill?
Garlic F. June 7, 2015
Chili? When we did our kitchen, we grilled all oir meals for a month. Send them a grill? :)
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