Can I print and share a recipe or is there copyright issues?

I found a recipe that I like and would like to share it with clients of mine. Can I get approval to do that?

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strawberrygirl June 10, 2015
Generally speaking, recipes themselves aren't eligible for copyright protection because they are not considered to be a substantial literary expression. However, any accompanying photographs or illustrations, or descriptive headnotes (e.g., about the origins of the dish) could be eligible for copyright protection. Also keep in mind that many of the recipes on this site are submitted by individual users, so even if there were copyrightable elements associated with a recipe that you wanted to share, it may not be food52 that is the copyright owner.

Regardless of the legalities, it's just good etiquette to give appropriate credit when you share someone else's recipe, or do as AntoniaJames suggested and just share the URLs to the recipes on the site.

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AntoniaJames June 9, 2015
How many clients? "Fair use" under the copyright laws generally is limited to a small number, and for personal use. ("Clients" suggests that this is actually a business purpose. I'm not saying that no business use could be "fair use," but it would mitigate against when weighed in the balance.) Much better to share the URLs: you could easily do that my creating a collection under your user name and giving your clients a link to that collection. They could then go to it, see the recipes, join Food52 so they can create their own collections, or if they don't want to, they can print the recipes out or save the links themselves. You could also create a list of recipe names with URLs, and share that digitally.
Ultimately, though, what we say here on the Hotline is irrelevant. You should send a note to [email protected], ask them for permission (describing the details and scope of the proposed use), and then get their permission or not, in a reply email. ;o)
inpatskitchen June 9, 2015
Agree with hardlikearmour...just be sure to give credit to the recipe's author.
hardlikearmour June 9, 2015
Assuming it's not to publish, I don't think there would be a problem -- the site is open to everyone with internet access and all of the recipes are printable and shareable.
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