I want to get rid of the wheat flour without sacrificing the good texture

Hello everyone, I would like your help and expertise if you will

Lately i've been baking this bread/cake to make for a healthy breakfast / snack, The ingredients are:
6 tbsp oat flour
6 tbsp all purpose white wheat flour
4 tbsp ground flaxseed
2.5 tsp baking powder
6 eggs
3 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp water
3 tbsp mable syrup (natural)
1 cup strawberry jam (natural)
1 cup peanut butter (natural)
1 cup nuts
bake for 50 to 60 minutes at 350.
The result is a good texture, not gooey at all, with the mixture rising approximately 3-5 cm at the middle, the thing is i'm only using all purpose wheat flour so i could get rid of the gooeiness from using an all oats flour but now i wish to add more oats and less wheat without sacrificing the good texture, what do you suggest i do?

  • Posted by: Ap
  • June 9, 2015


Claire S. June 10, 2015
Wheat is pretty unique in the texture it gives to things so you probably won't be able to switch it out completely. I'd suggest changing the proportions slightly each time you make it (next time go to 7 of oat and 5 of wheat, then 8 and 4 etc.) so you can really see the effects clearly. That way you can stop when the texture starts to change. You may need to increase the amount of baking powder you use as well.

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PieceOfLayerCake June 9, 2015
The less wheat flour your add, the less "baked good" texture you will get. If you want more texture/flavor from the oats, make your own oat flour and process it less, but I wouldn't recommend decreasing the wheat very much.
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