Should I marinate a New York steak before grilling it?



betteirene January 3, 2011
rodriguex January 2, 2011
Thanks guys! I went with the dab of olive oil + salt and pepper and was pleased with the results... the steak was about 1.5 inches thick so after grilling it I decided to wrap it in foil and place it on the oven at 400º for 7 minutes, I just had that for dinner and will definitely be trying it again (now with garlic butter!) ;)
bella S. January 2, 2011
I second just coating with olive oil, salt, and pepper. When it comes to steaks, I would save marinades for cuts that are not terribly tender on their own, or need a flavor boost, like skirt and flank steak.
spiffypaws January 2, 2011
If you mean a NY Strip steak, you don't need to, I think the flavor of this steak doesn't require it. I just rub olive oil, salt and pepper on it and grill it. If I pan saute, I make a sauce in the drippings w/ reduced red wine, shallots or red onions, a little garlic and chopped mushrooms. This is making me hungry, and I have no steak in the fridge!!!!
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