Kitchenaid pasta attachment for rigatoni. How did yours turn out? What was your dough recipe? I use the se dough recipe for fettuccini and it

Perfect. My rigatoni came out thick gummy and no holes really.???

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • June 17, 2015


Tasha June 19, 2015
Yea my rigatoni came out gummy thick and gross. Yes my fettucinni was excellent. I do use double 00 flour with semolina but I also put egg. Perhaps I'll try with the egg and more semolina. Thanks
cookbookchick June 17, 2015
Did you mean the Serious Eats recipe for fettuccini?
dinner A. June 17, 2015
Your message got a little garbled, but I think you're saying you used the same dough that made very good fettuccine, and it made gummy rigatoni that were misshapen as well? In general, for an extruded pasta (like rigatoni) you need an stiffer, drier dough than you would use for rolled pasta (like fettuccine). Extruded pasta dough often (maybe most traditionally?) has no egg in it, just flour (often only semolina flour) and water. I like to use a ratio of 10 oz semolina flour (probably a little over 2 c by volume, depending how you scoop your flour) to 4 oz water. The dough will seem very dry and crumbly, but that's what you need. The extruder should press it all together nicely.
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