What is your favorite preparation for skirt steak?



infojules January 5, 2011
Thanks everyone- I did a simple lime/olive oil marinade and pan fried, rare. It was quite good. Have another one and think I'll try that mojo criollo- I love chimichurri, but I don't think my kids will.
Jon P. January 3, 2011
Since skirt steak has so much surface area, it's good to marinate it with something that can carmelize a little on the grill to get lots of good charred flavor. A little bit of brown sugar in your marinade would serve you well.
betteirene January 3, 2011
Fajitas, and pan-fried adobo-seasoned skirt steak, eggs, frozen shredded hash browns and white toast with butter and jelly at 2 a.m. after a night of bowling and drinking and laughing.
healthierkitchen January 2, 2011
try marinating it in a mojo criollo (http://www.food52.com/recipes/7207_mojo_criollo) and then grilling and slicing to serve.
Lululovestocook January 2, 2011
My favorite restaurant marinates it overnight in a chipotle marinade, then grills and serves it topped with fried onion strings and pico de gallo. It's delicious, and I wish I had the recipe!
katylua January 2, 2011
Love chimichurri sauce! Lime juice & olive oil marinade is also divine.
nasilemak January 2, 2011
I would recommend salt and pepper, then grilling or broiling it, and serving it with a chimichurri sauce.
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