Can I use a tart pan instead of a springform pan?

  • Posted by: Adri
  • July 8, 2015


AntoniaJames July 8, 2015
Even if it is deep enough, the ridged edge of the tart tin could cause a messy finish to that crumb crust. I'd use a cake pan with a removable bottom before I'd use a deep tart pan. ;o)
magpiebaker July 8, 2015
it depends on how tall your tart pan is, and whether it has a removable bottom; if it's at least 1.5" tall (with the same diameter) and has a removable bottom I'd say go for it. If it's shorter, or doesn't have a removable bottom you might run into problems with overflow or messy slices but if these might not bother you.
PieceOfLayerCake July 8, 2015
Depends on the depth of your tart pan. Some have walls 2 - 3" tall. If you're using a traditional tart pan, you're going to end up with a lot of ingredients left over. If you do have a tall tart pan, I would recommend building a thin crust all the way up the side. A removable bottom and an expandable collar don't really operate the same way. Especially with tart pans, which often taper.
Monita July 8, 2015
I think it might be risky to substitute a tart pan because it isn't as deep as a springform pan. From the photo, the cake appears to be taller than a traditional tart.
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