I'm just wondering if equal or lesser part honey could be substituted for agave syrup?

  • Posted by: adele93
  • July 31, 2014


Brady K. August 7, 2014
It's worth noting - since so many people have mentioned the vegan issue - that many people who consider themselves vegan do consume honey, because bees are not harmed in the making of honey, the way other animals are in the making of their byproducts.

So if you're making the cake for a vegan friend, you can inquire with them as there's a good chance they eat honey (when I was a vegan, all of my vegan friends ate honey, as did I)
Elisabeth August 7, 2014
Since they are both liquid sweeteners, you can use the same amount without affecting the texture of the cheesecake. However, if you use honey, it will no longer be vegan. To keep it vegan, you could use maple syrup, which is usually my go-to sweetener.
trampledbygeese July 31, 2014
Absolutely, honey can be substituted in equal or lesser (depending on how sweet you like it) amounts.

The only drawback with honey is that it will no longer be Vegan. Honey being an animal byproduct and all. If you're like me and cook for vegans (without being one yourself) then it's best to ask how dedicated they are - a few are less strict when it comes to honey.

Another great sweetener that is vegan friendly, is maple syrup. I use about 1/2 maple syrup than I would honey or agave syrup.

Another drawback with honey and maple syrup is that they are heat processed - making the dish no longer a raw food. Honey is usually pasteurized, and maple syrup is tree sap that has been boiled down for a long period of time. So, like the vegan element, if you're cooking for a raw foodist, best ask them how the feel about these ingredients.

Then again, I think agave syrup is heat treated as well. Also vanilla extract usually requires distillation of some sort (also requires cooking) and some methods of extracting coconut oil also involves prolonged boiling. I'm assuming it's fresh and not pasteurized lemon juice in the recipe... but I don't personally know anyone on a raw food diet, so I don't know what exactly the defining threshold is between raw and cooked for that particular dietary niche. Maybe I'm taking the name of the movement too literally?

I'm lost at how to accommodate both raw food and vegan in a sweetener. Maple syrup is vegan but boiled, unpasteurized honey would be raw but not vegan friendly. I'm curious now if it can be done. Off to do some experimenting in my kitchen to see what sweetener would accommodate both parties.

Anyway, I ramble. Let us know what you do choose and how it tastes.
testkitchenette July 31, 2014
I find agave to be sweeter than honey/maple syrup/sugar, I would add the same amount of honey minus a tablespoon or two.
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