Got a lot of very tiny baby beets from my CSA. Peeling each teeny globe seems like it will be a giant pain. Is it necessary?

Or can I just give them a really good scrub to remove the dirt? Thanks!



relishyourchef July 15, 2015
I would give them a good scrub and slice thinly. I did a demo at a farmer's market and did just that. They were radish-crisp.
Ashley H. July 15, 2015
If you roast your beets in light oil and wrap them in foil, once they are tender you can use a towel and just wipe them, and the skin comes right off without damaging texture of beets :)! ps, remember beet juice can stain
Hallie July 15, 2015
I generally don't peel my beets even if they're normal size, so just washing them well should be sufficient!
Hallie July 15, 2015
although I do tend to cut the tops and any little roots off because they're unpleasant to eat
rt21 July 15, 2015
I generally roast beets , and when you do the skin comes off very easily
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