Does anyone have any great ideas of what to serve with grilled lamb chops?

  • Posted by: Karenac
  • July 15, 2015


Karenac July 17, 2015
Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm going to have to try a few of them. In the past I've made grilled lamb chops w/garlic, olive oil and rosemary. I serve them with polenta, roasted green beans and a red wine reduction sauce. I'm definitely going to try with caponata or ratatouille that amysarah posted and a few others.
amysarah July 16, 2015
One of my most memorable meals in Greece years ago was a simple grilled lamb and roast potatoes with lemon and rosemary. I often do them that way now, with garlic & olive oil too. I'd also do ratatouille, served room temp - easy (better!) made ahead, or its Italian cousin, Caponata - the sweet/sour flavor is lovely with lamb. Or if you can get really good fresh ones, a simple tomato vinaigrette salad with basil.
Joy B. July 16, 2015
I love lamb chops with a bright chimichurri sauce!
ChefJune July 16, 2015
Depends upon the flavors you're grilling with the lamb chops. Grilled asparagus would be complementary, and a rice pilau with mushrooms and spinach in it would be multi-cultural. In my neck of the woods, it's a little early for ratatouille, but that's always in the back of my mind since it's my favorite summer vegetable.
Claire S. July 16, 2015
Root vegetable mash. Potato is optional if you like to eat low-carb. Rutabaga/swede, parsnip, turnip and carrots all work nicely but I'd probably just pick 2. I have a recipe here that includes gravy to pour over the mash
scruz July 16, 2015
ratatouille goes well and if you have one of those grill pans, you can do them at the same time. i love the raisony sweetness of tomatoes with lamb. some cooling cucumbery tsaziki too. as someone above said, middle eastern/mediteranean flavors go well...couscus with dates or dried apricots or olives. i would put a rub on the lamb that included ground cinamon, cumin and a mild chili pepper.
mickle July 16, 2015
Roasted vegetable orzo at room temp with a lemon vinagrette and crumbled feta. Sautéed spinach with raisins and toasted pine nuts. For dessert raspberry or lemon sorbet with thin wafer cookie.
PieceOfLayerCake July 16, 2015
Grains with mediterranean or middle eastern flavors. Things like couscous, wild rice, bulgur, lentils, quinoa, etc. I like to serve them room temperature or chilled with ingredients like olive oil, pine nuts, sumac, mint, dill, rosemary, basil, oregano, red onion, lemon, pistachio, sesame, spinach, arugula, dried cherries/apricots, cucumber, fennel, touches of honey, etc.

Finish all of it off with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and/or cheeses like feta and halloumi.

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inpatskitchen July 16, 2015
Tonight we're grilling chops marinated in lemon, olive oil and Greek seasonings and I'll make a Greek salad. We may do a little spinach pilaf on the side also.
Levon K. July 16, 2015
Lavender couscous and simply dressed baby kale.
Nancy July 16, 2015
one or more of: beet salad, radish slaw, arugula salad, roast potatoes
Shiraz from Australia
DR.BADGER July 16, 2015
A Cold pea salad with fresh mint and roasted fingerling potatoes with rosemary.
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