Does anyone have a tactile analogy for a (ready to eat) avocado please? I have to send my son to the store to pick some up. Thanks, kdc



Matthew B. July 21, 2015
Another option is that he can pick off the remaining portion of the stem. If it is a bright, almost neon green, then the avocado is under-ripe. If it is brown, over-ripe. Look for a solid green and almost yellow-green for a proper ripeness.
Maida July 21, 2015
A ripe Haas avocado will have lost its shiny skin and will look a bit dull. Very dull especially with depressed areas and wrinkled skin is an overripe avocado. There's no need to squeeze.
dotparker July 21, 2015
I would never ever suggest that he go to the store and ruin any fruit or vegetable! Hence my question which was answered by the truly wise Monita. Thank U so much Monita. Ur answer was most helpful. As for B Wise; take Ur own advice. Sincerely, Kathleen
Cook A. July 21, 2015
I like the combo of B Wise and Monita- Ask a produce dept person to help find a good one- then have him feel the firmness so he understands- and have him feel the unripe ones...

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B W. July 21, 2015
Please don't send him to squeeze the avocado fruit! Suggest he ask store people to find him ripe ones!
Monita July 21, 2015
He should open his hand (taut) press the flesh of his palm. Then do the same thing to the avocado. A ready to eat avocado should have about the same "give" as the taut flesh of the palm
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