what to substitute for feta

for folks who do not like feta cheese

Louise Crowley Rovner


bugbitten July 24, 2015
Sorry. but must ask, Louise Crowley Rovner, what about feta do your friends not like?

Too salty? Too goaty? Too barny?

Go with chevre!
drbabs July 23, 2015
My husband HATES feta cheese. For a lot of things, I just leave it off his portion, but I've found that he really likes smoked cheeses (Edam, gouda and cheddar in particular), so if you're making something where smoked cheese would work, you could try that.
ChefJune July 23, 2015
Ricotta salata has a similar texture to feta. You might like to try that. Otherwise, you could use any crumbly cheese you like. It rather depends upon the recipe you have in mind.
keg72 July 22, 2015
I agree that it depends on what you're using it in. But, in addition to ricotta salata, I'd suggest cotija, a crumbly Mexican cheese.
amysarah July 22, 2015
Yes, would help to know where you're using the feta. In broad terms, ricotta salata or a crumbly goat cheese are good subs Also I'd note that there's a huge taste/texture difference between a good feta and a poor quality one (i.e., salty styrofoam) - which is arguably true of many cheeses, but I've found especially so with feta. I think the prevalence of bad ones creates a lot of feta dislike. If you have access to a good cheese source, your guests might change their minds.
PieceOfLayerCake July 22, 2015
That completely depends on the dish. Cheese is often used for either its specific flavor profile or its melting profile/texture. In my experience, since feta doesn't melt, its usually used for its unique flavor. In most of the applications I can think of, just substitute a cheese you enjoy the flavor of. I would *generally* choose something aged, though, with a firmer texture.
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