Help! I make a poundcake with a heavy glaze, but when I freeze it, the glaze cracks off when I start to defrost it.

The glaze is basic: lemon juice, powdered sugar, Karo syrup and a few tablespoon of canola oil.

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Claire S. July 23, 2015
I like ChefJune's method because it makes for a super moist and juicy cake but if you want an alternative, you could freeze the cake unglazed and then glaze it after you defrost it when you're ready to eat it.
ChefJune July 23, 2015
I like to glaze my pound cakes while they are still hot and in the baking pan. I prepare a light syrup with whatever flavor and poke holes in the hot cake using a poultry skewer. then I pour the syrup over the cake. Let the cake rest in the pan until it is completely cool. Then take it out of the pan. the glaze will have gone through the cake and be on the outside! I almost always freeze at least part of every cake, and the glaze stays put just fine that way. Give it a try!
ChefGam August 17, 2015
Chef June, Would the same method apply for a bundt cake?
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