What is the ideal ripeness for poaching pears?

Red-Wine Poached Pears
Recipe question for: Red-Wine Poached Pears


amysarah July 24, 2015
I've never used that specific recipe, but I have poached many a pear in wine. I find that it works best when the pears are about as ripe as you'd eat them raw. Over ripe can turn mushy and not hold their shape, too under ripe doesn't yield as nice a texture when cooked.
C S. July 24, 2015
ipe enough to be soft and have some flavor. Not so soft that they will fall apart in the poaching process. It depends on the kind of pear, a bosc is a firm pear and will do well, a comice is so soft when ripe it might fall apart. You might have to experiment with what you have available, there is no right answer here.
Truly S. July 24, 2015
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