Any good ideas for any leftover sauce? I have about 1/2 cup left and don't want to waste it!

Red-Wine Poached Pears
Recipe question for: Red-Wine Poached Pears


Windischgirl January 17, 2017
Wonder how it would be mixed with seltzer or a sparkling wine?
Stirred into a tea to sweeten?
amysarah January 17, 2017
Get a hunk of good Stilton to serve with wheatmeal crackers and a drizzle of wine/pear syrup. Maybe a few walnuts on the side. That sounds like a perfect dessert to me.
meet Y. January 17, 2017
These answers are great! Thank you!
Ali W. January 17, 2017
Drizzle over ice cream or pound cake!
caninechef January 17, 2017
If you have made this recipe did you like it? I read the recipe comments but they all seem to be about the color of the pears, not how they actually turned out/ tasted. This would make a great dessert for my lunch group I think if I can get pears ripe in time.
meet Y. January 17, 2017
They were delicious! I bought my pears the day I made them, and just cooked them for longer (maybe 35-40 mins?). My husband does not like pears or red wine and loved them.
foofaraw January 17, 2017
- freeze and add when you are making sangria in summer or glogg/mulled wine in winter
- add to morning smoothies (I'd consider most of of alcohol is already gone *wink**wink)
- add in for red wine cake instead of red wine only
- I'd imagine it'll be also good for sauce for pork tenderloin (add more balsamic vinegar and others savory spices), bread pudding (add more sugar &/rum), etc
Kenzi W. January 17, 2017
Love this answer. I was going say a pound cake glaze, +1 on the meat suggestion, and even drizzled on ice cream!
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