Who makes the best bagels in manhattan



Aliwaks January 4, 2011
Ess a Bagel on First avenue or Russ & Daughjters on Houston street carries Kossar's Bagels and bialy and pletzels, which are, in my opinion, one of the world's bets bread products. While you're there pick up some caviar cream cheese. A schmear of caviar cream cheese on a warm onion pletzel is a true only in NYC delicacy.
csheago January 4, 2011
Murray's are pretty good in Manhattan. But for my money, try Bagelsmith in Williamsburg; Brooklyn. They are a quarter block if that from the Bedford L stop so pretty accessible. The pumpernickle everything is key.
happycao January 4, 2011
the Bagel Store in Williamsburg!!! The owner is one of the most passionate and innovative bakers I know.
Heather B. January 3, 2011
H&H Bagels
isabelita January 3, 2011
JessieLK January 3, 2011
ess-a-bagel, or david's
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