can I roast a boston butt the day before I serve it?



caninechef July 28, 2015
I would assume the sides would have an effect, though the recipe suggests "nestling" the roast into a just big enough pan. The pan I use is ussually too big but it does not seem to result in meat drying out too much. I do use one modification, I use a squirt of sriracha instead of the chipotle called for. i think this is probably a pretty flexible recipe and it comes out so good. I like it much better than any other presentation I have tried for pork shoulder/butt.
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Susan W. July 28, 2015
Oooh..I may use chipotles in Adobe which I always have in my freezer. I could also use my cast iron skillet. That may be perfect.
caninechef July 28, 2015
while braising seems traditional, this recipe is mighty good.
Maybe it is the low heat. I find it produces a lot of liquid as it cooks and comes out very succulent. Maybe not the case though if you tried to roast it like a loin roast.
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Susan W. July 28, 2015
I'm glad you mentioned this because I've wanted to try this recipe. I'd be roasting it in a 3.5 Dutch oven. Will that work or will it prevent the Browning of the roast? No lie of course, but I wonder about the high sides.
boulangere July 27, 2015
We always braise ours (5-7 hours, depending on size and tested tenderness) at least two days before serving, then hold them in the walk-in in the braising juices.
Susan W. July 27, 2015
Probably, but what are you using it for? Low and slow braising is usually best.
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