Ideas for dishes for elderly, house-bound and semi-infirm

I need for ideas for dishes for an elderly couple who are house-bound and semi-infirm but still like a good meal. Must be easily digestible. Thank you!

  • Posted by: SallyM
  • August 3, 2015


scruz August 4, 2015
nutrient rich, tuna, chicken. peanut butter stuffed celery. deviled egggs. oatmeal. lettuce cups. pasta. soups. beans. humus. open faced deli meat sandwiches. crackers and cheeses. plenty of fiber and make it attractve and tasty. sliced fruit. yogurt, cottage cheese, pasta with veggies. frozen grapes and blueberries. watch to make sure the food is thrown out if not eaten. they will try to eat lots of sweets so be careful there. labor of love.
Kristen W. August 3, 2015
I think you can never go wrong with a good roast chicken (but maybe only if they have A/C this time of year!). Sides can be simple baked or roasted potatoes and cooked seasonal vegetables.
Nancy August 3, 2015
Perhaps tell us in what way are they semi-infirm, so we may tailor suggestions to their (greater) enjoyment & health.
kimhw August 3, 2015
Soups and stews. Easily frozen, defrosted, and eaten. Good baguettes too.
Susan W. August 3, 2015
Here's a really good thread on that subject.
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