how to un-spice my chicken

I made this amazing chicken on the BBQ, but I accidentally added WAY too much hot do I get rid of the spiciness?

  • Posted by: miguel
  • August 4, 2015


quan January 24, 2021
Sour cream
selwynJ August 5, 2015
You can use sugar or yogurt
dsullyo August 4, 2015
Spiciness can be removed with an acid (vinegar, tomatoes...) dairy (yogurt, sour cream..) or sweetness (honey, sugar...) If the spiciness is already on your chicken your best bet would be to shred it and mix it with your choice to go with your recipe. Once you reach your desired taste you can use the chicken for an alternate dish. Be careful adding the dairy as leftovers won't keep as long.
702551 August 4, 2015
A variant to this approach would be to shred the extra spicy chicken and cut it with some very plainly seasoned shredded chicken, maybe up to a 50-50 ratio.

You can use acid or sweetness to mitigate some of the spiciness as mentioned above, but you will ultimately change the flavor profile. It's up to you to decide if that's acceptable or not.

Good luck!
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