Is it OK to throw parmesan rinds in with chicken stock? I've heard parmesan broth is good but I've only heard of doing it on its own.

Elliot G


sonya August 10, 2015
Definitely! It will add a parmesan flavor to it, so I guess I'd consider what you'll be doing with the stock later and if you'd want that flavor. I usually just add the rinds to the soups themselves (like minestrone or anything where parmesan goes well with it), but if you know that a cheesy flavor will complement whatever recipes you'll be using your chicken stock in, then I'd go for it! You can also take just 1 cup of your finished chicken stock and simmer it down with one rind for 30 minutes or an hour, then taste it just to make sure that you like the flavor, and then add the rinds the next time that you make the chicken stock. They'll keep indefinitely in the freezer, so there's no harm in doing a test batch if you'd like to. Happy cooking :)
Teresa August 8, 2015
I love to toss it in a light homemade tomato broth then I use that as a base for a quick rice side dish or throw some orzo and peas in it for a quick soup. Yummy on the fly dinner with a great grilled cheese...
foodie G. August 7, 2015
I do this all the time. Adds a layer of richness that is not obvious. I will then cook a cheese tortellini in the broth. Quick delicious dinner.
Kristen W. August 7, 2015
Yep, cv, that was exactly what I was thinking!

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702551 August 6, 2015
I suggest a different approach. You are already making chicken stock. Just pour some of it into another saucepan, let's say about as much as you'd be willing to throw away. This portion of stock doesn't need to be fully cooked; put the parmesan rinds into the smaller container.

That way, you will have a versatile plain chicken stock and a smaller batch of parmesan stock.

If necessary, top up the regular chicken stock with more water and finish cooking as desired.
boulangere August 6, 2015
I think it sounds delicious.
Susan W. August 6, 2015
I do too. Can't wait to try it.
Nancy August 6, 2015
another good use for Parmesan rinds is in making rich soups like Minestrone. for now if you have any left, or futures. and/or freeze them as SLC does, and use them as needed to add extra flavor to sauces.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 6, 2015
Yes, but I wouldn't add too much though. I make Parmesan stock and freeze often but it can dominate, IMHO. Maybe one small or medium rind? Freeze the rest or make Parmesan broth - so good to cook with in risotto, pasta and other dishes for some umami.
PieceOfLayerCake August 6, 2015
I don't see why not....but its a pretty essential ingredient to my pasta sauce, so I usually freeze them and save it for that ;).
Jan W. August 6, 2015
I'm sure it is perfectly fine if you think the flavor works for your recipe. I use parmigiano rinds frequently when I do braises, which are usually beef- or veal stock based.
Susan W. August 6, 2015
Sure if you want that flavor in your stock. I usually save them for a lot of white beans or stew, but I think it would add a nice dimension to chicken stock.
Susan W. August 6, 2015
Should read "pot" of beans..not "lot".
Elliot G. August 6, 2015
Cool. Thanks Susan!
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