gift to go with Death & Co.

A cocktail loving friend will be celebrating a significant birthday and I'm thinking of getting her a copy of Death & Co. Can anyone recommend a product or products (bitters, etc.) they like to go along with it, perhaps from here on the shop? I know she does not need barware. Cheers!



mickle August 11, 2015
A beautiful jar of amarena Toschi black cherries in syrup imported from Italy; the cherries make a cocktail so special--everyone will notice their unique and incredible flavor; the cherry syrup can also be used in cocktails. The jar (either in the red/white or blue/white) is a lovely "keepsake" by which your friend will always remember this special birthday. The cherries can also be added to a dessert. I put a couple on a slice of very rich chocolate tart or have simply used the syrup and cherries atop vanilla gelato or ice cream. They can be purchased in Italian markets, food stores and on line.
healthierkitchen August 11, 2015
I will take another look but these might even be in the shop! Thanks!
Stephanie August 11, 2015
What about including a basket with some fun, unique "bar snacks" to go with?
Spiced popcorn:
Spiced nuts:
Pork Rinds:
Roasted Chickpeas:

Or perhaps look for some barware garnishes - local pickled onions, olives, Luxardo cherries, rimming salts and sugars...
healthierkitchen August 11, 2015
I was looking at those Luxardo cherries!
Rachel August 11, 2015
If you want to offer up a handmade gift as well, a small jar of homemade vanilla bean sugar cubes to spice up an old-fashioned might be the trick. I adjusted this recipe down by half when I made them for a much smaller batch:

If I make homemade sugar cubes again, I would probably adapt this to make a lavender orange blossom version with a little bit of dried lavender buds for color and orange blossom water, or use rosewater and food-safe dried rose petals. Perhaps that would answer for your friends birthday?
healthierkitchen August 11, 2015
I will definitely check this out, thanks Rachel!
dinner A. August 11, 2015
A non-standard bitters I don't have, that I'd most like, is the Xocolatl mole bitters from Bittermens. I have their hopped grapefruit bitters and have really enjoyed using them. I've seen these in some nice liquor stores (if you're giving the gift in person) and they're definitely available at many online stores (Amazon as well as specialty store) that also sell the Death & Co book (if you'll be mailing the gift). Many states in the US do allow shipping of alcohol, but unfortunately not all.

The Food52 shop does have some alcohol, but it's aimed more at someone who's just starting out to make cocktails, like a Negroni kit, sampler packs of bitters, and premade syrups and shrubs (these are very easy to make to your own preference at home).
Nancy August 11, 2015
sorry, there is some alcohol in kits at the store. thanks for more complete picture than I gave (I meant bottles of things like craft gin or bourbon, elderflower cordial.)
healthierkitchen August 11, 2015
thanks for the mole bitters idea!
Nancy W. August 11, 2015
We have the book at our home and have enjoyed it very much. The recipes are very specific regarding brands of bitters and alcohol to use (and it really does make a difference). If you can look at a copy before you give it, there is a lot of information in it about selecting products to use. I will say that some of the best drinks include green or yellow chartreuse (which was not stocked in my home prior to getting the book!)
healthierkitchen August 11, 2015
Thanks Nancy! That's a great idea. She has quite a lot of unique liqueurs but not many bitters. I'm also thinking that she does not have a chartreuse!
TheFritschKitchen August 11, 2015
There are recipes to make your own bitters as well! If you have the time to let them age properly, it would be a fun, personal addition
healthierkitchen August 11, 2015
I wish I had the time, but maybe I can do it as a part now, part later gift.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 11, 2015
Hi, What a cool book to gift, My best g/f is the queen of fun cocktails. She always has simple syrup (maybe you can make some homemade or buy), and an extensive collection of bitters. The shop has so many!
healthierkitchen August 11, 2015
I'm actually overwhelmed by the choices!
Nancy August 11, 2015
Unfortunately I've not yet seen alcohol in the food52 shop.
Not to mention the problems of shipping wine or spirits across state lines.
But if she's the type of person who would use a book to make craft cocktails, she likely would appreciate a craft version of her favorite tipple (even vodka tastes like something when made in small batches) or something exotic and new like Elderflower Liqueur, which she might like but wouldn't risk buying.
Lauren K. August 11, 2015
We launched some fantastic liquor and cocktail collections last year—but your point about crossing state lines proves true, and we're only able to ship to select states so far: CA, CO, WA, NY, NJ, IL, MO, ID, NM, and DC. We hope to expand the locations—and the selections—in the future.

The full collection is here:

healthierkitchen, for other items I'd recommend, take a quick peek at this list below: (very fun!) (a personal favorite) (a classic) (bright and modern bitters)

If you need any additional help, I'm glad to steer you toward other favorites and top sellers—send a note to [email protected] and we'll assist!
healthierkitchen August 10, 2015
Also wondering if anyone has made any of the recipes...
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