Very sour homemade yogurt!

Hi Food52ers! I've been making homemade yogurt for a little while now and my most recent batch is significantly more sour than those previous. I left the yogurt to incubate for 11 hours instead of my usual 8, so I figured it would be slightly more sour, but my first thought upon tasting was "lemon."

I didn't mind the flavor and the texture seems fine, just want to see if others have had similarly sour experiences to make sure it hasn't gone bad.

Thank you!!!

  • Posted by: byb
  • August 17, 2015


denniskean January 22, 2023
I on the other hand cannot find a yogurt culture that gets the yogurt to be sour enough. I did find this one "Tart ABY-611 Yogurt" but they sell a bottle with just a few grains at the bottom claiming that you can make 50 gallons of yogurt with it for a whopping price of $35. The same little bottle that is not that sour is sold at $12.95. Does anyone know where I can find Tart ABY-611 Yogurt at a reasonable price?
Juggler57 December 15, 2022
I make homemade yogurt a lot and like the soreness but my last batch was made with whey and ended up much more sour than when made with just yogurt. Lesson learned there but now I will add honey to cut down the sweetness but not to turn it sweet overall. Thanks for the idea
Lost_in_NYC August 18, 2015
That happens to my mom when she makes it at home (it's very Indian style). Apparently if you let it sit in the oven with the oven light on, it helps with the fermentation process. If it's too tart you can make salty lassi, mango lassi to use it up.
byb August 19, 2015
Ooo, good ideas! I see lassis in my future!
HalfPint August 17, 2015
From all that I've read about making yogurt, the longer the more tart the yogurt. I find that even after 4hrs, yogurt is pretty tart for me.
byb August 18, 2015
I guess I just wasn't thinking of how much of a jump 8 to 11 hours was!
boulangere August 17, 2015
Your batch is fine. Fermentation is a souring process, increasing in acidic compounds. I typically add an ounce of honey to mine as it ferments overnight for that reason, to diminish the overly sour flavor.
byb August 18, 2015
Thanks, Cynthia! I can't say I dislike the sourness but I think the honey will make a great addition :)
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