Ottolenghi's Paella/Dutch Oven?

I'm making a large quantity of this paella and was planning to use a dutch oven. Will it work? How do I make sure I get the soccarat?

  • Posted by: EG1231
  • August 18, 2015
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1 Comment

QueenSashy August 18, 2015
I am not the world's greatest expert on paella, but I think that you might be better off using plain stainless steel or thin metal skillet, as it satisfies the requirements for a good paella pan and for crust formation (wide, shallow, with splayed sides and made of thin metal). To get nice socarrat, definitely do not stir the rice, and at the end of the cooking you can try increasing the heat a notch until you can get that toasty smell.
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